Some Useful Links

Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth: A wealth of resources on responding to trauma in congregational settings in the Northern American context.

Sheldon Hub: A highly inter-active resource with a particular focus on clergy well-being and self-care (UK-based).

The Guild of Health and St Raphael: check out their work and resources at go

Churches’ Ministerial Counselling Service: A network of professional counsellors working in the UK and available to clergy in some churches/areas.

Project Toolkit: A resource to assist planning – before disaster strikes (Word and PDF formats).



Guidance for ministers as the coronavirus deepens – see blog of March 24 2020, and follow-on blogs. is a free US-based web resource and 24/7 helpline that provides information and support to people fighting physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and addiction.

They write: ‘to cope with the trauma, some victims turn to the use of drugs and alcohol. Our mission is to be a support resource for those coping with these issues. Please take a look at our Trauma-Informed Therapy for Substance Use Disorders resource guide:’

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